The Belleville Foundation

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Applications must be in no later than April 15th

We  have a downloadable application form  in WORD format on this page. Please click on the link, download it, print it, fill out the application and bring it to :

Mrs. Barbara Correnti                

 Belleville High School                     

Student Services Department

100 Passaic Avenue,  Belleville, NJ (973-450-3500 )

The following requirements must be met in order for an application to be considered for a Scholarship .  Please download the Application Form  Please call Ms. Barbara Correnti a (972-450-3500) if you need additional information.

1.  Applicant must be a registered student in good  standing in Belleville High School for at least 1 year prior to  application.

2.  Applicant must be a resident of Belleville, New Jersey,

3.  Applicant must be accepted in an accredited school for Higher Education.

4. A valid Belleville Foundation Application must be filed for consideration by April 15th.

Note: You must include two reference letters from non family members with your application or it will not be considered.

Applications must be in no later than April 15th